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SSRIntech has been successful in providing services in wide range of web applications from designing “Basic websites” to complex “Online applications” and “Systems Monitoring Applications for Distributed control systems” using complex PI Logic.

Being a startup company, SSRIntech is currently focused on Web Applications as part of its Automation product and software engineering services and subsequently envisaged to grow and cover a full range of services offering complete design and development engineering Products for Automation, Automotive Applications, Embedded Systems and Web based software development including Animations products for educational media.

All the above includes the following


orange_bullet WEB DESIGN
  HTML, XHTML, Photoshop, Corel-draw, Flash, Dreamweaver, PHP, ASP, SQL, MySQL
orange_bullet WEB DEVELOPMENT
orange_bullet CMS
  Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, phpMall, Magneto
orange_bullet EMBEDDED
  C, C++
orange_bullet FLASH ANIMATIONS
  Flash, Illustrations, Sound Forge
Technology HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, PHP5, MySQL, Javascripts
Highlights Online Billing systems for Mountain Resorts Cleaning Vendor.

It involves creation of task entry for the employee, Client details. Task entries filled by their immediate superior which includes employee name, time in ,time out, cleaning time, non cleaning time. It helps to generate reports like Variance Report, Invoice & Payroll. Variance report gives the difference between cleaning hours allotted & actual cleaning hours. Invoice reports generated for the clients which gives information about how many items cleaned & how many supplies needed. Payroll shows the total hours by employee for date selected. Also shows all the employee who worked and the number of hours they worked.

Our Projects

Our Projects

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