Software Engineering Capabilities

  bullet Automotive: Automotive Body Control, Diagnostics, Remote Control and other RF systems
  bullet Automation: Data Acquisition and Distributed Control System, PID Controllers, DC-Drive control, UPS & Precision Air-conditioning controls, Software Simulations for Hardware Support
  bullet Electrical/Electronics: Product prototype and software Engineering for Automotive, UPS and Industrial Process Automation Applications & Simulations
  bullet Web Applications: Web based Designs & Development for Website and other Web Applications
  bullet Management & Strategic Planning: Engineering Operations, Project Management, Research and Methodology, Business Development
  bullet Embedded Software Engineering:
    bullet Programming Languages:
      Basic, C, C++, VC++ (MFC), Assembly (Micros & TI- platform) JAVA-2, JDBC, Servlets, Advance JAVA
    bullet Micro Processors/Controllers/DSP:
      8085, 8748, 8751, 8032, 80C196, 80C166, 80C188, DSP TI-32C2xx, PIC16F8, MC68HC08, STAR12, 68DP256, ST30, KEELOQ etc...
    bullet Communication Protocols:
      MODBUS, CAN/LIN, I2C, RS-232C, RS-485/422, CLASS 2, KWP2000, Manchester Code, Profibus, MOST/Flexray
    bullet Development Tools:
      Visual Studio, Code Composer, Codewright, MPLAB, Code Warrior, Keil, IAR, GHS, Eclipse etc.
    bullet Design, Modeling, Simulation and Test Tools:
      MATLAB, Visio, QAC, CAN Analyzer, Emulators, BDM JTag flash programmers, Enterprise Architect, Labview etc.
    bullet Configuration / Change Management Tools:
      IBM(Telelogic) CM-Synergy, Change Synergy, MS- Visual Source Safe, SVN and other
    bullet Requirement Management Tools:
      DOORS and MS-Projects, JIRA, Confluence
bullet Web Designs & Development:
  bullet Design: Dreamweaver, CSS, HTML, Photoshop, Corel draw
  bullet Development: Netbeans, IIS, WAMP, APACHE
  bullet Flash: Macromedia Flash with Action Script 2.0, Adobe Illustrator
  bullet Others: SourceTech DHTML Menu Creator, SourceTech DHTML Java Scroller, Java Scripting, ASP .NET, Page Maker, Corel Draw, PHP Scripts
bullet Web Programming:
  bullet Languages:C#, JAVA, VB, JSP, ASP, VB.NET, ASP.NET, PHP5
  bullet Database:SQL, MySQL, MS-Access, XML